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Design, development, and video production for Connected Fitness

Design, development, and video production for Connected Fitness

Design, development, and video production for Connected Fitness

Design, development, and video production for Connected Fitness

With gyms shuttering seemingly overnight across the world - and with no reopening in sight - Connected, At-Home Fitness became the exercise solution for countless people. From Peloton to Hydrow, the marriage of hardware and software kept users sweating, engaged, and committed to their fitness routine of choice.

It was from this moment, that Flexia Pilates was born. A graduate of Techstars Sports in Indianapolis, Flexia Pilates brought the studio pilates experience to the living room. With a beautiful cherry wood reformer outfitted with smart sensors, users are able to receive real-time guidance when taking a class from Flexia’s virtual Online Studio.

Particle Creative was first approached to help build the foundational CRM structures of Flexia’s Hubspot account, but that initial project turned into a nearly 2-year engagement that spanned content design, development, and video production at scale.

Not just Ops, But Design and Development with Hubspot

With email and content marketing being such a low-cost, high-impact strategy for early-stage startups, Flexia turned to Particle to create multiple branded email modules for easy drag & drop assembly via Hubspot’s WYSIWYG editor. Particle created modules that contained a “light and dark mode” - doubling the design usefulness of these modules.

For campaign based sends, Particle designed multiple email series that brought fresh visuals to the DTC brand.

Building a Payments and Notification System from Scratch

As is the reality with most startups, internal resources can be extremely scarce. When rolling out their Online Studio trial and payment system, Flexia turned to Particle to develop the critical payment capture, trial management, and notifications systems for necessary operation among customers and non-customers alike.

Particle implemented ChargeBee on Flexia's Shopify site for seamless user onboarding and subscription lifecycle management. Custom webhooks, written in JavaScript and hosted on AWS Lambda, utilized the ChargeBee, HubSpot, and Flexia Studio APIs to trigger workflows based on the customer's subscription status, enhancing user experience and automating communications. Additionally, Particle integrated with Flexia's shipping partner's SOAP API, reducing manual processes and relieving the customer experience team's workload, further streamlining operations and ensuring a smooth experience for users throughout their journey with Flexia.

Video Production - The Flexia Online Studio

If you take a class with Flexia’s Online Studio, chances are, that video was shot and edited by Particle. Over the course of two years, Particle made 4 trips to the Bay Area, shooting over 100 instructional videos that make up the user experience of Flexia’s Online Studio.

Particle utilized Digital Sputnik lighting with wireless DMX control to ensure a consistent look across the four recording sessions. Additionally, in order to help keep production costs low, Particle was able to operate a three-camera capture (plus audio!) with only two crew members. Particle deployed a multi-cam capture that allowed for real-time editing on set, reducing post-production lead times and costs.

Additionally, Particle produced many of the images in use by the Flexia brand today.