How to Book the Studio

How Do I Place a Hold on the Studio?

How Do I Book the Studio?

What Paperwork is Required?

Can I place a soft hold on the studio for my potential shoot dates?

Rescheduling, Canceling, Extra Time, etc.

Rescheduling, Canceling, Extra Time, etc.

What if I already booked but need to reschedule or cancel?

Weekend, Overtime, and after-hour policies

The Studio

The Studio

What is considered a “full-day booking”

What is included with a full-day booking?

What gear do you have available?

Can we hire members of your team?

Is the studio accessible?

Will you paint the cyc wall other colors?

Other Questions

Other Questions

I know I need gear but have no clue where to begin

Do you have tables and chairs?

Sets can get a bit loud and our client is needing to take a meeting halfway through the day. Do you have any quiet spots that could work for them?

Some studios are weird about food on set. What are your policies for crafty and catering?

Do you offer other Creative Services?

We encourage a read-through of our Producer’s Packet as that contains all details regarding rates, policies, and terms & conditions. If you still have additional questions for us, feel free to reach out and we would be happy to help!