Design Marketing Automation

Bringing design, automation, and insights to VIZIO’s B2B business.

Bringing design, automation, and insights to VIZIO’s B2B business.

Bringing design, automation, and insights to VIZIO’s B2B business.

Bringing design, automation, and insights to VIZIO’s B2B business.

Chances are, if you’ve bought a TV in the past decade, you’ve heard of VIZIO. The American TV brand specializes not only in building TV and sound bar hardware, but also operating a formidable B2B ads and analytics business with their onboard software suite Platform Plus.

Particle Creative, working alongside VIZIO Ad’s agency of record Fabric Media, has provided design, development, and marketing automation support for VIZIO Ads since the Fall of 2020.

All built on top of the marketing and operations CRM Hubspot, Particle has been responsible for everything from building event registration and notification systems, to running virtual product announcement presentations (think Apple’s keynote presentations) to the design, development, and management of VIZIO Ad’s current website -

Particle has been with VIZIO Ads since the beginning of this current marketing initiative - and was responsible for the acquisition, onboarding, build, and foundational structuring of VIZIO’s Ad’s Hubspot database, of which all marketing and nurturing efforts run through. The system also routes and segments leads generated on the Platform Plus site to the VIZIO Ad’s sales team in Salesforce.

Demystifying Technical Hurdles, Unlocking Usability for All

Particle has worked as a best practices and technical advisor to the Fabric Media team, designing and developing user-friendly email and landing page modules, which can be rapidly published with Hubspot’s WYSIWYG editor. Utilizing responsive email development frameworks MJML, Particle has designed and developed over 15 editable email modules - integrating HubL syntax into the HTML, which allows for defining conditional logic, the use of variables, and integration into any field of the CRM. This has allowed non-technical members of the Fabric team to be able to create and send emails without needing to tap design or development resources.

Building the Backbone of a Publishing Powerhouse

Utilizing Hubspot’s blog tool capabilities, Particle developed a publishing platform for Fabric’s writing team, where they’re able to publish case studies, analyses, interviews, and industry news. Not only has this helped drive organic traffic with new content being published and promoted weekly, but it’s also been a consistent driver of leads for the VIZIO Ads sales team. Users are able to easily filter through over 100 articles using the tag and filtering functionality that Particle built into the content hub.

Establishing the new home for all things VIZIO B2B

Particle’s largest project to date has been overseeing the brand refresh and site rebuild of Platform Plus - which took place in the fall of 2022. Using Figma, Particle worked with VIZIO’s in-house creative team to adapt updated brand guidelines into 25 different Hubspot modules, which were then coded in Hubspot. Consumer brand imagery was then photoshopped to included the latest screens from VIZIO Smartcast, Platform Plus, and WatchFree+.

Nearly indistinguishable from the consumer-facing site, the new PlatformPlus site allows VIZIO’s B2B business to share the strong visual identity of the consumer VIZIO brand while showcasing all the ad and analytics offerings in an easily digestible format.

As an added bonus, these new modules have been used to rapidly build and deploy landing pages for other marketing initiatives since the launch of the website.